Truck dimensions in Germany

Optimal Use of Loading Space for Efficient Logistics

Choosing the right truck for transportation tasks is crucial for efficiency in the logistics industry. In this article, we provide a detailed overview of the most common truck loading space dimensions and load capacities in Germany, to assist you in planning your transports.

Standard Dimensions and Capacities of Trucks

In Germany, truck dimensions and capacities vary depending on the type of vehicle and its intended use. Here are some of the most common types:


Small Vans: Ideal for inner-city deliveries. Typical dimensions are 3-4 meters in length, 1.7-2 meters in width, and 1.9-2 meters in height. The load capacity usually ranges between 1.5 and 3.5 tons.


Medium Trucks: Often used for nationwide transports. The loading space dimensions are usually 6-8 meters in length, 2.5 meters in width, and 2.5-3 meters in height. The load capacity here ranges from 7.5 to 16 tons.


Heavy Trucks (Semi-trailers): For heavy and voluminous loads. Standard dimensions of the semi-trailer are about 13.6 meters in length, 2.5 meters in width, and up to 3 meters in height. The maximum load capacity can be up to 24 tons.

Key Factors in Truck Selection

Type of Cargo: The size and weight of the cargo are crucial for choosing the type of truck.


Route and Destination: For long distances or specific delivery locations, certain types of trucks may be more suitable.


Legal Regulations: In Germany, there are strict regulations regarding the maximum permissible dimensions and weights of trucks.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Modern trucks are diverse not only in their dimensions and capacities but also in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness. Investments in vehicles with low emission output and high fuel efficiency are economically and ecologically beneficial in the long term.


Knowledge of the most common truck loading space dimensions and load capacities in Germany is essential for the successful planning and execution of transports. By selecting the appropriate vehicle, you can not only save costs but also contribute to the sustainability of your logistics processes.



Stellplätze  Ca. 8 - 10

                              L               B               H

Ladefläche  4,20 - 4,80 x 2,20 x 2,20 - 2,50 m


Zuladung   1 Tonne



7, 5 Tonner


Stellplätze  Ca. 15

                        L          B         H

Ladefläche  6,20 x 2,44 x 2,50 m


Zuladung   2,5 Tonne



12 Tonner


Stellplätze  Ca. 15 - 17

                        L          B         H

Ladefläche  7,20 x 2,44 x 2,50 m


Zuladung   5 Tonnen



Planen Sattelzug 40 Tonner


Stellplätze  Ca. 34

                        L          B         H

Ladefläche  13,60 x 2,44 x 2,60 m


Zuladung   24 Tonnen



Koffer 40 Tonner


Stellplätze  Ca. 33

                        L          B         H

Ladefläche  13,20 x 2,44 x 2,50 m


Zuladung   22 Tonnen





Stellplätze  Ca. 36  insgesamt 

                        L          B         H

Ladefläche  2 X 7,70 x 2,44 x 2,50 m


Zuladung   22 Tonnen insgesamt 


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