The Regulated Agent (RegB)

In the world of air freight logistics, security plays a crucial role. A key figure in this area is the Regulated Agent (RegB), who represents an important interface in the security chain. In this article, we explain what a Regulated Agent is, their responsibilities, and why they are indispensable for air cargo security.


What is a Regulated Agent?

The Regulated Agent (RegB) is a person or organization accredited by the competent aviation authority, responsible for the security of air cargo. This accreditation allows them to declare shipments as "secure", enabling these to be introduced into aviation without further security checks.

Responsibilities of a Regulated Agent

Security Checks: The RegB conducts security checks of the cargo to ensure that it does not contain prohibited items or substances.


Staff Training: They are responsible for training staff in security matters and ensuring compliance with security regulations.


Documentation and Records: The RegB must keep accurate records of security checks and measures.

Importance of the Regulated Agent

Increasing Efficiency in Air Cargo Transport: Pre-checks of cargo by the RegB reduce delays at the airport.


Enhancing Security: The RegB significantly contributes to increasing security in air transport by ensuring that the cargo meets security requirements.


Compliance with International Regulations: The role of the RegB is crucial in ensuring compliance with international security regulations.

Regulated agent RegB
Regulated agent RegB

Training and Certification

To be recognized as a Regulated Agent, specific training and certification are required. These trainings cover all relevant aspects of air cargo security and are monitored by the competent authorities.


The Regulated Agent is an indispensable part of the air cargo security chain. Their role and responsibility significantly contribute to the efficiency and security of air cargo transport. Companies operating in the air freight industry should ensure that they work with a qualified and certified RegB to maintain the highest security standards.


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