MRN Master Reference Number

In the customs context, the MRN stands for "Master Reference Number" (formerly Movement Reference Number). It is a definitive and unique registration number assigned by customs to goods after they have been placed under a transit or export procedure. The MRN number is assigned by customs authorities to operations in a customs procedure in EU and NCTS countries.


The MRN number serves as a tracking number for customs documents, such as those used in the export accompanying document or transit document. With the help of the MRN number, you can find out at any time which border your goods have already crossed and what clearance status the goods have.

The Importance of the MRN Number in Customs Clearance for Export

In exporting goods from Germany and other EU countries, smooth customs clearance is crucial for success in international trade. A key element in this process is the MRN number (Movement Reference Number). This article explains the function and importance of the MRN number in the customs clearance process.

What is the MRN Number?

The MRN number is a unique reference number generated when declaring an export shipment in the European Union's electronic customs system, known as the ATLAS system in Germany. It serves as an identification and tracking number for the shipment throughout the entire export process.

Significance of the MRN Number in Customs Clearance

Proof of Customs Declaration: The MRN number confirms that a customs declaration for the shipment has been properly submitted.


Tracking and Status Monitoring: The MRN number allows exporters and customs authorities to track the status and progress of the shipment.


Simplification of Customs Controls: The MRN facilitates customs inspections, as all relevant information about the shipment is quickly accessible.


Necessary for Customs Clearances: Without a valid MRN number, no customs clearance can be issued for export.

How to Obtain an MRN Number?

The MRN number is automatically generated once the export declaration is completed in the ATLAS system. Detailed information about the shipment, the recipient, the origin of the goods, and the duties to be paid are required for the declaration.

MRN Number
MRN Number


The MRN number is an indispensable part of the export process in international trade. It ensures efficient and transparent customs clearance and is thus a key element for successful export transactions.


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