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A letter of credit is a contractual obligation of a bank to make a specified monetary payment to the named beneficiary (usually an exporter or seller) on behalf of, for the account of, and on the instructions of a customer (usually the buyer) against presentation of specified documents and upon fulfillment of specified conditions within a specified period of time.


A letter of credit is always issued by a buyer's bank and promises to make payment to the seller upon presentation of the specified documents. It serves as a security for the seller that he will receive the payment once he has fulfilled the conditions stated in the letter of credit and handed over the relevant documents.

LC Letter of Credit
LC Letter of Credit

Security and Trust through Letters of Credit in the Global Economy

International trade often poses challenges to businesses, especially when it comes to payment security and building trust. Here, the letter of credit offers a reliable solution. As specialists in trade finance, we explain how the letter of credit can make your business transactions safer and more efficient.

What is a Letter of Credit?

A letter of credit, also known as a documentary credit, is a payment promise issued by banks that guarantees payment security in international trade. It ensures that payment to the seller is made only when the agreed conditions are met and the relevant documents are presented.

Advantages of the Letter of Credit

Payment Security: For sellers, the letter of credit offers high security as payment is guaranteed once the delivery conditions are met.


Risk Minimization: For buyers, the letter of credit minimizes the risk as payment is made only if all agreed conditions are met.


Trust Building: Letters of credit facilitate business between unknown parties and build trust in new markets.


Flexibility: There are various types of letters of credit that can be customized as needed, including transferable, confirmed, and revolving letters of credit.

The Letter of Credit Process

The process of a letter of credit is clearly structured. After concluding the sales contract, the buyer requests their bank to open a letter of credit. The bank then informs the seller's bank, which notifies the seller of the letter of credit. After the goods are delivered and the required documents are presented, payment is made.

Letters of Credit in Practice

In practice, the letter of credit is an essential tool for businesses operating in international markets. It provides a solid foundation for secure and successful business relationships. As your partner, we support you in finding the right letter of credit for your specific requirements.

Your Expert for Letters of Credit

Our team of experienced specialists is here to assist you with all aspects of letters of credit. We offer advice and support in selecting, drafting, and executing letters of credit to facilitate and secure your international trade. Contact us to learn more about our services in the field of letters of credit and how we can help your business operate more securely and successfully worldwide.


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