What is an EORI number?

The EORI number (Economic Operators' Registration and Identification) is a central element in the handling of international trade within the European Union. In this article, you will get comprehensive information about the importance of the EORI number, its areas of application, and the process of applying for it.

EORI Number
EORI Number


















What is the EORI Number?

The EORI number is a unique identifier used by customs authorities to identify economic operators (companies or individuals) in all customs-related activities in the EU. It serves to simplify and expedite customs clearance and is mandatory for all companies involved in international trade.

When is an EORI Number Needed?

Import and Export: Any company importing or exporting goods in or out of the EU needs an EORI number.


Customs Declarations: It is required for customs declarations and statements, as well as for applying for customs authorizations.

Applying for an EORI Number

Competent Authority: In Germany, the EORI number is issued by the Customs Office. The application is made through the competent main customs office.


Necessary Documents: Various documents are required for the application, including company documents and personal identification proofs.


Processing Time: The processing time can vary, so the application should be made in a timely manner.

Importance of the EORI Number in International Trade

Efficiency Increase: The EORI number contributes to efficiency in customs processing and facilitates cross-border trade.


Security and Transparency: It increases security and transparency in customs processing and helps combat fraud and illegal activities.

Conclusion EORI Number

The EORI number is an indispensable tool for all companies participating in international trade. Its correct application and management are crucial for smooth customs procedures and efficient handling of cross-border trade. By applying for and correctly using the EORI number in a timely manner, companies can optimize and simplify their international trade activities.


An EORI number (Economic Operators' Registration and Identification number) is a unique identification number required for companies and individuals involved in the international movement of goods. The number is used to assist the customs administration in handling customs procedures and is intended to ensure that the individual or company concerned can be clearly identified in the customs procedure.


To obtain an EORI number, companies or individuals must submit an application to the relevant national customs authority. The application can usually be made online via the customs portal of the country concerned. In Germany, the application can be made via the "Online-Portal Zoll" of the customs.


When submitting the application, information on the identity and the company must usually be provided, such as the full name, address, date of incorporation and tax identification number. In addition, trade and merchandise information must be provided, such as the type and volume of goods being imported or exported.


After the application is reviewed, the EORI number is usually assigned within a few days and communicated to the applicant. The EORI number is then valid in all EU member states and must be indicated in all customs procedures.


It is important to note that the EORI number is essential for the international movement of goods and no customs clearance can take place without it. Companies and individuals should therefore ensure that they have a valid EORI number before they begin international movement of goods.


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