Export Control Classification Number

The Export Control Classification Number, abbreviated as ECCN, is an essential part of export control and plays a crucial role in international trade. This article provides you with a comprehensive insight into the significance and application of the ECCN to ensure compliance in export business.

What is the ECCN?

The ECCN is an alphanumeric code used in export control to classify goods, technology, and software that are controlled for reasons of national security, foreign policy, or anti-proliferation. Each ECCN is associated with specific control regulations that determine under what circumstances an export is allowed or restricted.

The Importance of ECCN in International Trade

Regulatory Compliance: Correct classification of goods using the ECCN is crucial to ensure adherence to international and national export control laws.


Risk Management: By utilizing the ECCN, companies can minimize the risk of sanctions and penalties that can arise from non-compliance with export control regulations.


Global Business Operations: The ECCN facilitates the identification of licensing requirements and export restrictions, which is essential for smooth international business transactions.

The ECCN and Its Structure

The ECCN consists of five characters: the first two characters indicate the product group, and the next three characters describe the type of control. This structure helps companies quickly identify the relevant export control regulations for their products.

ECCN and the Dual-Use Regulation

Many goods and technologies that fall under the ECCN are classified as dual-use items – meaning they have both civilian and military applications. Correct classification under the ECCN is therefore essential for compliance with dual-use regulations.

Export Control Classification Number
Export Control Classification Number


The ECCN is an indispensable tool for any company engaged in international trade. A deep understanding of the ECCN and its application is necessary to ensure compliance and enable smooth, risk-free exports. By correctly applying the ECCN, companies can effectively manage international trade relations while meeting regulatory requirements.


The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is an alphanumeric code number used by the U.S. government to classify goods and technology exported from the United States. The ECCN is assigned based on the product, technology, and end-use location of the export. The number identifies the type of product or technology and determines whether it is regulated by the U.S. government's export control regime.


The ECCN is part of the U.S. government's export control system, which is designed to ensure that certain goods and technologies that may be used for security or military purposes do not fall into the wrong hands. The U.S. export control system also regulates the export of goods and technologies related to nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons.


The ECCN's classification of goods and technologies affects how the export of these products from the United States must be handled. Certain exports are subject to strict licensing procedures, while other products may be able to be exported without a license. Following the ECCN classification is critical for exporters of goods and technologies to ensure compliance with U.S. export control regulations.



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