Denied Parties-List

What is a "Denied Parties" list?

A denied parties list is a list of individuals, companies or organizations that are prohibited from trading or exporting certain goods and technologies due to legal violations or other concerns.

Who publishes the Denied Parties List?

This list is compiled and published by government agencies and international organizations such as the U.S. government, the European Union and the United Nations. Compliance with denied parties lists is an important part of the export control process to ensure that the trade and export of goods and technology does not fall into the wrong hands or is used for illegal purposes.

Function of the Denied Parties List

Companies and organizations that do business with individuals or companies on the Denied Parties Lists can be subject to heavy fines, criminal prosecution or other sanctions. It is therefore crucial for exporters and companies doing international business to regularly check the denied parties lists and ensure that no prohibited transactions are being carried out.

Control function of the denied parties list

Checking customers, suppliers and other business partners against the denied parties lists is part of an effective export control program and contributes to compliance with national and international export control regulations.

Denied Parties List
Denied Parties List


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