Customs tariff number

In the world of international trade, tariff numbers play a crucial role. They are not only an essential part of customs clearance but also indispensable for the smooth and efficient handling of import and export transactions. In this article, you will learn what tariff numbers are, how they work, and why they are so important for businesses engaged in international trade.

What are Tariff Numbers?

Tariff numbers, also known as commodity codes or Harmonized System numbers (HS Code), are part of an internationally standardized system for classifying goods. Each good is assigned a specific number under this system, which contains information about the type of goods and the associated customs tariffs and trade restrictions.

The Importance of Tariff Numbers

Tariff numbers are central for several reasons:


Customs Clearance: They enable fast and accurate customs clearance of goods.

Determination of Customs Duties: The applicable customs duties and taxes are determined by the tariff number.

International Trade Agreements: They play a role in the application of trade agreements and preferential tariffs.

Statistical Purposes: They are used for the compilation of trade statistics and market analysis.

How Do Tariff Numbers Work?

The Harmonized System categorizes goods into various classes and assigns them specific numbers. These numbers consist of up to ten digits, with the first six digits being internationally uniform and the additional digits possibly varying by country. Correct classification of goods according to the HS Code is crucial to avoid delays and additional costs in customs processing.

Customs tariff number
Customs tariff number


Tariff numbers are an indispensable tool in international trade. Their correct application ensures efficient customs processing and contributes to compliance with trade laws and agreements. Knowledge of these numbers and their correct application is of great importance for any company involved in international trade.


For more information on tariff numbers and how they can affect your trade process, contact us. Our experts are ready to assist you in correctly classifying your goods.

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