Kabotage, in the context of truck transportation, refers to the transport of goods within a country by foreign transport companies. Cabotage rights regulate the extent to which foreign carriers may provide transportation services within a country.

Cabotage regulations

Cabotage regulations within the European Union are governed by the EU Regulation (EC) No. 1072/2009. This regulation establishes that EU transport companies generally have the right to perform cabotage operations in other EU Member States, but under certain conditions and restrictions.

EU regulation

According to the EU regulation, foreign carriers may carry out up to three cabotage operations within seven days following a cross-border delivery into the respective country. This rule aims to promote competition and increase efficiency in the freight market by minimizing empty runs and improving the utilization of transportation capacity.

Please note:

It is essential to note that cabotage regulations can differ from country to country and may change, especially outside the European Union. Therefore, transport companies should inform themselves about the applicable rules in the countries where they are or intend to be active and meet the requirements to avoid issues and penalties.



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