Was ist 3PL und 4PL?

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Today I would like to explain the difference between 3PL and 4PL in this short video: A 3PL is a company that provides logistics services to other companies. These primarily include complete transportation to the consignee. However, they often provide additional warehousing, packaging, labeling and distribution. They help their customers manage supply chains more efficiently. Well-known companies for 3PL providers are, for example, DHL and FedEx.

A 4PL provider goes beyond that. They also handle the planning, coordination, and management of the entire supply chain. They act as a central interface between customers and multiple 3PL service providers to ensure optimized supply chain performance. They also provide technology solutions, such as analytics and optimization. In summary, 3PL service providers focus on operations, while 4PL providers offer control and strategic planning of the entire supply chain. You are welcome to learn more about this and other logistics topics on our website and in our knowledge base.

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